New Website For OptimizePress Training & Services

I have a very special announcement to make. I have been offering OptimizePress Services here on this website for over a year now and it has been successful enough that I have just now launched a new site

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New OptimizePress 2.0 Feature I’m Really Excited About

I have been using OptimizePress for over a year now, and recently updated to version 2.0. Today, in Version there is a new feature that will let you copy a row to other pages for pages built using the Page Builder/Live Editor. Check out the video below to see this AWESOME new feature in…

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How To Use a WordPress Child Theme

So you finally found that big complex theme to use, but you want to make some changes here and there, and customize it a little.  That is all fine, but did you know that a lot of themes become outdated over time and may not function properly unless they are kept up to date?  Well,…

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How to Pick a Good WordPress Theme

Ahhh WordPress.  Its no surprise to me that with millions of themes to choose from that people often get confused when trying to find a good one to use with their website.  So I'm going to go over some things which I feel are important in choosing what works best for you. Layout: Forget about…

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Two Useful Free Image Editing Programs

A few days ago while trying to find my old Paint Shop Pro disk I decided to see what kind of free photo editors I could find online.  I had tried several of them a few years back and none of them measured up to my expectations and even if they had some cool features…

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WordPress Used By Americas Top Online Companies

So if your not convinced yet that WordPress is the best solution for you, let me tell you something about these top online companies and what they all have in common:   CNN Flickr Time UPS Harvard University Green Bay Packers So what do all these sites have in common?  They all use WordPress VIP…

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Why WordPress is the Best

WordPress is the best program on the web for making websites.  There are literally thousands of Themes to choose from, or one can be built to meet your needs.  There are also little programs called "plugins" that add to the core WordPress code and can add functionality to your website.  Whether you are a Realtor wanting to have…

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Keyword Research Tips

I have been designing websites for nearly 10 years now and no matter how large the project, the one thing that people always ask me is “How do I get people to find me in the search engines?” Its really not as complicated as you might think. You see, there are several ways to do…

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How To Choose A Domain Name

When it comes down to it, your choice for a domain name can make a big difference on how your website performs.  Its very important to choose a name that is relevant to your blog or website.  You don't want to choose anything to random or broad.  While its obvious that the domain name market…

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