Hi There, My name is Kevin McClellan, I currently live in the small city of Fayetteville, Tennessee, which is located about 40 minutes north of Huntsville, Alabama. My wife Kristina and I have lived here for just over a year after living in Columbia Tennessee since the early 90’s. Both our fathers relocated there to work for General Motors (and have both retired).

I went to Spring Hill High School and graduated in 1997, and even after my Father retired and moved back to Michigan, I decided to stay behind. I tried moving back up there in 1999, but ended up coming back a year later. Its just too cold in the Winter time for me, and its easier to find work in the South. Michigan has had a long period of slow (sometimes nonexisting) economic growth, mainly due to the struggling auto makers, and its suppliers.

I have always been fascinated with computers, and have taught myself everything I know about computers, and web design. I started learning how to code websites on my own a couple years before I graduated High School. I used to have a really ugly looking personal website, and over time I learned more and more skills, and eventually started designing websites for my friends.

Not to long after I fine tuned my skills helping my friends, I realized that I could make some extra money with this web design thing. So in 2005 I started making money designing other peoples websites, and I haven’t looked back since. Its always been a very enjoyable experience, and one I look forward to continue doing for years to come.

I also enjoy flying planes, and have several hundred hours of flight time in over 15 different makes/models of airplanes. I have had my Pilot License since 1997.

After driving a semi for a living for about 5 years I am now 100% self employed which means I can now dedicate more time and effort in building awesome, professional websites.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. I hope to get to know you soon to. Do you need a website? If so, you should contact me. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. I think you’ll find me to be a very reasonable person to deal with.

Why the name “Crazy WordPress Geek?”

The first time I started selling websites, I had a website called websitesbykevin.com which was slightly successful, but then I thought a more professional name like McClellan Services would sound better, so I registered McClellanServices.com. So many people can’t spell my last name, and even have trouble pronouncing it correctly, so after a couple years I changed it. My good friend David Dutton who I do a lot of work for, said “Man, you can do some crazy stuff with WordPress.” So that is where I got the name from.

I have always thought of myself as the “Geeky” kind, so it was natural to come up with CrazyWordPressGeek.com. Then, due to trademark issues I found out I couldn’t use “WordPress” in my domain name, but I could use “WP” instead. So, very shortly after coming out with CrazyWordPressGeek.com, I had to change it to CrazyWPGeek.com. So here I am with an easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, web URL. I think I’m going to stick to this one, but I’m not going to make any guarantees.

Now I have another site called OptimizePressGeek.com, which is my main site now (and have turned this one into just a blog).

I also am currently part of the team over at OptimizePress.com and have been heading up the support team there since earlier this year (2017).

That is about all for now…..

Get in touch if you need help with OptimizePress, WordPress, or anything else “website” related.