I am not the kind of person who would normally brag on others because I like to have a good reputation and I have seen so many good people’s reputations get trashed due to making bad recommendations.


Over the last year I have built my business from scratch.  On January 7th, 2013 I quit my job driving a semi truck.  Driving was not my career of choice, and was such an unhealthy lifestyle that I had enough.  Working 70 hours a week wasn’t really all that bad but I was sick of not being home with my family, I was sick of not making much money and being treated like trash by trucking companies, warehouse people, and even other truck drivers.

I have known html since 1998 and have a pretty good track record of making some nice looking websites.  So I decided in 2012 that I wanted to leave my job and make a living building websites and helping others with WordPress (the self hosted version).

In September 2012 I found this audio book “Click Millionaires” by Scott Fox.  I listened to it several times and most of the things he talked about I had already known because I had been in internet marketing previously, and even while on the road was making a little cash here and there doing some online stuff, but not much.  I found all the missing pieces of information in that book that lead me down the right path to building a lifestyle business for myself.

I joined the forum over at ClickMillionaires.com and started interacting with other like minded people.  I have to admit that I think its really important if you want to succeed you have got to find others who have the same goals and interact.  It really helps to put yourself in a room (albeit virtual) full of like minded people.  The more the better.  You can learn a lot from people who are working on this also.

Knowledge is wealth, and the more people you talk to and interact with, the more knowledge you’ll have.

As soon as I quit my job and I got home, I started posting ads on Craigslist, and built up my website at crazywpgeek.com to offer all my services on.  I also opened up a Fiverr.com account and got pretty popular on there also, which you can find at fiverr.com/kevinm97

So what did I do that 90% of other people won’t do in order to become successful?  Its the one thing that holds many back from being able to build a lifestyle business and enjoy life living a millionaire lifestyle while making far less than a million. What I did was the opposite of the #1 mistake most people make.  If you are reading this and have not been successful yet I guarantee its the reason why.  You ready for it?  Hold your breath (no, wait, thats a bad idea)..   I Took Action!

That’s right.  I took action.  What does that mean? It means that I decided to make a decision.  One that was way outside my comfort zone.  I’m not the kind of person who just suddenly changes.  I hate change! It sucks when you have to get used to something completely new.

I decided to get off my lazy butt, go out and get what Kevin deserved.  I took action on what I wanted to do instead of sitting around being depressed about not doing something.

People go through their lives without ever doing a dang thing they wanted to do because they are afraid of taking a leap of faith and just doing what they love to do.

I love web design.  I love to travel.  I hate being pushed around.  I hate being underpaid.  I absolutely refuse to be taken advantage of.

This year I got 4 vacations planned (no, make that 5).  Some of my friends look at me and scream… “5 vacations! I can’t even get two full weeks off in a year!”  My response to that is “Why don’t you do something about it!.”


Seriously.  Do something.  Don’t just let your life fly by while you slave for a corporation for the next 20 to 30 years. When I see people wearing suites coming out of office buildings, I just think to myself “look at all the living dead walking around.”

So I kind of got a little long here so I just want to end this with one thing.

If you are seriously considering starting an online business you should really come over and join us on ClickMillionaires.com

During registration just put “Kevin McClellan sent me” in the boxes that ask questions about the book.  My good friend Scott Fox will certainly let you in if you tell him I sent you.

Ok, break is over, get back to work (You could always quit and start a new business)….

It took me less than 6 months to replace my income from trucking.  If I can do it, I KNOW for a FACT that YOU can to!

UPDATE: It is July 2017 and I’m still enjoying this lifestyle. Looking back, it would be hard to imagine even going back to the driving job. It is not easy being self employed but I wouldn’t (no, I couldn’t) go back to the way things were before. Never…