WordPress Products I Trust

Learn about a few products I personally use, love, and trust. 100% Geek Approved!

With over 8 years of WordPress experience,  and having worked with lots of clients on all kinds of different Themes, Plugins, and Web Hosts, I have seen a lot of great stuff, and some really crappy things to.  So I decided to put a list together of WordPress Products and Hosting that I trust.  I hope this helps you make the best decision possible.

I will be adding to this list and keeping it updated as time permits.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this list feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to discuss any WordPress related products or services with you.  I only put things on this list that I have used, or know without a doubt are good products.  I would never post anything here unless I feel that it is 100% secure, and something that is being maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Also, please note that these products below are affiliate links.  That means that if you click on the link and sign up, or buy the products, then I will earn a small commission. This does not cost you anything extra.  In fact, depending on which products you buy I actually do offer some cool bonuses including live training, video courses, or something else. If you would like to know what my current offerings are just contact me.