WordPress is the best program on the web for making websites.  There are literally thousands of Themes to choose from, or one can be built to meet your needs.  There are also little programs called “plugins” that add to the core WordPress code and can add functionality to your website.  Whether you are a Realtor wanting to have your own listing service, a Musician who wants to stream music and post videos, a Photographer that wants to show off your latest masterpieces, someone who wants to have a virtual cookbook, or even an online presence for a church ministry.  The possibilities are endless.

Here is the best part!

The WordPress program itself is FREE.  Yes you heard that correct.  It is a program that you can use for personal or commercial purposes, and you can change the code without violating anyone’s proprietary rights.

Where can I get WordPress?

When you go purchase your domain name, you will need a web host (a place to park your domain, and store files for your website).  To be sure a web host is compatible with WordPress, it must have the most up to date PHP & MySql installed on the server where your websites files will be stored.  You can download the latest edition of WordPress from WordPress.org but wait!  There are a few web hosts that have a platform built in to the hosting called C-Panel.  This is important because unless you want to spend hours trying to setup WordPress, you will want to have C-Panel.  There are options in C-Panel where all you have to do is answer a few short, easy questions and WordPress will be installed with the click of a button.

So where can I get a domain name and hosting?

I’m glad you thought of that question.  The place I get all my domain names from is GoDaddy.com (been using them for 12 years).  Its really easy, all you got to do is think of a name and put it in and see  if its taken already or not.  If not then just click on the link to setup that domain name.  I do not recommend the hosting plans that GoDaddy has to offer since they do not have an easy way to setup WordPress, and I’ll charge $97 to install it since it will be time consuming.

I have been using A2hosting and Knownhost.com for web hosting for a long time and have been very pleased with their reliability and service.  I have literally had no issues at all with them.  My websites are always up so I have no complaints.  Plus, they have C-Panel, which drastically reduces setup time for WordPress (will only take about 5 minutes tops).  Saving time and money by not having to have me manually install it for you will leave that much more money for you to invest in your custom designed look & feel (the Theme).

WordPress is not just a blogging program.  There are millions of websites that use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS).  You don’t even have to have a blog, and you can go in and edit pages just like you were working in Microsoft Office.  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

So there you have it.  Now you know why WordPress is the best (in my opinion – and 100’s of thousands of other web designers).

What do you think? Have you tried WordPress yet?