So if your not convinced yet that WordPress is the best solution for you, let me tell you something about these top online companies and what they all have in common:


  • CNN
  • Flickr
  • Time
  • UPS
  • Harvard University
  • Green Bay Packers

So what do all these sites have in common?  They all use WordPress VIP which is very expensive, but  they use the same, stable WordPress Code as everyone else who has WordPress.  WordPress VIP is for websites that get millions of visits per day, or even per hour.  Not really for us small business professionals, and you can always start out small and upgrade.  WordPress gives you the flexibility to do that.  You can start out with the basics and expand later, but your website templates and WordPress Database will not change.  WordPress VIP is a premium support & hosting service reserved for the highest traffic generating sites.  So Unless your some kind of celebrity or something, you don’t need WordPress VIP.  I Promise you will be just fine with the basic WordPress.

So, if America’s Top Brands can put their trust in a program like WordPress, what are you waiting for?